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 About Us

The ”ROSHA TECH” engineering company with its 8 years of brilliant history with the goal of providing the latest all of the consulting services and building intelligence control has been a milestone in the competition. One of the activities of this company can be identified – market analysis and study, different consulting, different solutions, optimal design of equipment and services, accurate and focused monitoring, timely delivery of equipment, correct installation and presentation. After-sales service is completely free within 5 years, within the framework of intelligent building of all residential, commercial, luxury villas and so on.The company introduces its products as home automation Group by utilizing experienced engineers and experts. Also, according to the type of project, the region and the employer’s budget provide special and professional solutions for various projects.Targets:One of the most comprehensive goals of the company is the following:

1) A modern and simple way for all consumers of different ages

2) The development of smart buildings for all classes of society with different financial means, which in the past was only available to specific and wealthy individuals.

3) Raise the standard of living and comfort

4) Optimize, control and reduce energy

5) Increased safety and security

6) Moving towards modernization and beautiful facilities

7) Enhance customer satisfaction

8) Help to have a green land

Address : Unit 9, No.11, Kamran Alley, Khayam St, Elahiyeh District, Tehran, Iran

Phone : +98-21 22 652008

Fax : +98-21 89 78 46 32

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